About us

We are Culture-Driven

We Believe Culture Drives Results. C3 offers consultancy based sales, management and leadership training through the proven Culture-Driven Framework.

Why focus on culture?

Corporate Culture can help you live your company purpose and vision, promote better teamwork, employee morale and your company can become a better work place.

What is corporate culture?

"Culture is what people do when no one is looking" Herb Kelleher, Former Chairman Southwest Airlines

Why should it be your priority?

It produces 3X more profit per employee, 4X faster revenue growth and 50% better employee retention.

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What we do

We help create corporate culture-driven people and companies

Our Mission is to stimulate real and lasting corporate culture change by instilling values and behaviors, which create organizations where people feel valued.

We consult with leaders on mergers and acquisitions, changing corporate culture, working with different generations, training your leaders and people on culture, etc.

We also help answer the question:

“What is corporate culture and why should you start with it?"

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Are you interested in "real and lasting change"?

C3-Corporate Culture Consulting is the leader in delivering culture change. We work with company leaders to make culture a priority so they can “live the culture they want.” If you want a better place to work, happier people, 4x faster revenue growth, 50 percent better retention and 3X more profit per employee, please contact us.

Culture-Driven Sales Managment

Let culture help you lead people and sell more by becoming a more productive sales force.

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Culture-Driven Managing

Learn the best habits of getting things done and make it part of your management culture.

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Culture-Driven Speaking

We are pioneers in the hottest topic in business today. Let us inspire you to become culture-driven.

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Culture-Driven Consulting and Assessments

Let us help you assess, consult and improve your culture and/or acquisitions.

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Culture-Driven Leading

Be among the best leaders in the world in this powerful program designed for top executives.

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Culture-Driven Coaching

The best coaches get results. Learn to create a culture of coaching in your company.

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Culture-Driven Selling

Make your selling process part of your culture for long lasting results.

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Culture-Driven Service

Make service part of your people's DNA for happy customers, repeat business and profits.

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